Critical Thinking Courses

The Foundation for Critical Thinking is offering six online courses :

  1. How to Infuse Critical Thinking Into Your Instruction

2. Tools for Taking Charge of Your Learning and Your Life

3. How to Bring Critical Thinking into Higher Education Instruction on a Daily Basis

4. How to Bring Critical Thinking into K-12 Teaching on a Daily Basis

5. Critical Thinking Tools for Effective Leadership and Management

6. Why Critical Thinking is Difficult for the Human Species

Classes 1 and 2 begin January 25, 2022. Click on the URL for more information about those courses and registration:

Classes 3-4 begin in April, Classes 5-6 begin in May. Go to the following URL for more information:

The site lists these benefits of taking these courses:

• Work on your own time.

• Live Socratic discussions [I find this particularly interesting. It is a great way to learn how to do it as you undergo the method yourself.] 

• Learn from first-generation Paulian Scholars. [Dr. Richard Paul is the founder of the Foundation.]

• Earn university credits (CEUs) for classes 1 & 2.

NOTE: This is not an endorsement, merely an announcement. I have attended many Foundation conferences but have never taken a class from either of these instructors, except for Gerald Nosich, who is excellent (Course #3 . That said, if you are interested in learning more about critical thinking and acquiring some great teaching tools , I recommend looking into these classes, as well as the Foundation’s other courses, conferences, and books.

Published by Nancy Burkhalter

I am in love with words. Trained as a linguist, journalist and researcher, I write, teach writing, and research everything about writing, especially how writing aids critical thinking. I've taught around the world, including three years in Kazakhstan, and a year each in Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Germany.

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