How Can You Change Someone’s Mind

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This short TED-Ed talk by Hugo Mercier (4:27 minutes), How Can You Change Someone’s Mind, talks about three elements that will help when you want to discuss delicate or controversial topics. The three elements are 1) shared beliefs, 2) trusted sources, and 3) values. His presentation is elegant but goes fast. But it is an ideal springboard for teachers to discuss how to take these three components into account when talking to someone with differing views. And as Mercier states, you might end up changing your own mind!

Published by Nancy Burkhalter

I am in love with words. Trained as a linguist, journalist and researcher, I write, teach writing, and research everything about writing, especially how writing aids critical thinking. I've taught around the world, including three years in Kazakhstan, and a year each in Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Germany.

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